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Sep 13, 2014 at 09:08 PM

Need clarification on @prompt usage


Dear Team,

I have gone through most of the sites & blogs, but still i did not got the concept of the following topics:

(1Q) I am ok with initial syntax of @prompt, But i am not clear with the exact usage of User:0, User9 and User1 concept. Plz find below

  • @Prompt(‘1) Enter Country Name’,’A’,’Country Dimension\Country Name’,multi,free,Not_Persistent,{‘USA’,’UK’,’CANADA’,’INDIA’},User0)
  • @Prompt(‘1) Enter Country Name’,’A’,’Country Dimension\Country Name’,multi,free,Not_Persistent,{‘ALL’},User:9)
  • @Prompt(‘1) Enter Country Name’,’A’,’Country Dimension\Country Name’,multi,free,Not_Persistent,,User:1)

Could u plz explain its usage?

(2Q) I have a country object at universe with different countries names like India, Usa, UK, Honkong, London, Sunderland, Pakistan, Africa,Philipians,Tykio.

Case i: when the user runs the report using prompt at report level, He should able to see only TOP five countries.

Note: Dont define five countries at universe level @prompt. How can we do the same at report level prompt?

Case ii: For the same countries object how we can get data in alphabetical order at report level prompt > like Africa, Honkong, India,London,Pakistan, Philipians, Sunderland, Tykio, USA, UK.

(3Q) I have year & month object,

if we run report for 2014 we will getting data for month starting from Jan, Feb Mar, April, May June, July Aug Sep Oct Nov...December

But for same 2014 we want starting month should be April, May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar. How to obtain this?

(4Q) How to represent the half of the webi report data in Pie chat?

For ex:

employee SalesRevenue Percentage

aaa 10000 50

bbb 5000 30

ccc 2500 10

ddd 1250 7

eee 625 3

In this case we want to represent data of ddd and eee sales reveunue with percentage? How to do this?

(5)How to dynamically change the title of the webi report with repect to report data?

Title: sales report for 'INDIA'

For eg: Page1 contain country object with India information

Page2 contain country object with USA information

Page3 contain country object with US information

Note: whenever we go to corresponding page the title should dynamically, for page2 it should be USA.

Thanks in advance,