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Sep 13, 2014 at 11:36 AM

BRSPACE create new tablespace for compressed table


Dear expert,

I'm plannng to create new tablespace PSAPCOMP for compressed table by brspace.

the current total size of the tables that i want to compression is 1T.

Now i have 2 question about the brspace script

1.How big size should the PSAPCOMP be , let's say 500G?

2. i'm confused about the datafile_dir value i should put (please refer to the attachment for current datafile_dir design)

Could you help to correct/improve the scritpts as following?

scriptA : brspace -f tscreate -t PSAPCOMP -s 5120 -a yes -i 100 -m 15360 -f sapdata4 -l 2 --> assign to sapdata4

repeat scriptB for 20 times

scriptB : brspace -f tsextend -t PSAPCOMP -s 5120 -a yes -i 100 -m 15360 -f sapdata4 -l 2 -f1 4 -f2 4 -f3 4 -f4 4 -f5 4 --> extend 25G in one run

Qestion: is it OK to assign the PSAPCOMP only to "sapdata4"? or i should specify "-f sapdata1 sapdata2 sapdata3 sapdata4" so the table data can distribute among different sapdata_dir?

Thank you!


sapdata_dir.xml (55.8 kB)