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Sep 13, 2014 at 10:36 AM

Routing in Visual Business



I would like to do routing in Visual business. It seems the only way to draw a path is to use polygon class and provide lat long for all the points where road turns (intermediate points also in case of an arc so that it's rendered realistically). Most routing service provide turn by turn navigation which are not suitable for drawing polygon as the actual road and the polygon line would be way off the mark between two points which are good distance apart.

For ex the following manuevre from mapquest


"signs": [],

"index": 4,

"maneuverNotes": [],

"direction": 3,

"narrative": "Take Eastern Freeway.",

"iconUrl": "",

"distance": 8.216,

"time": 469,

"linkIds": [],

"streets": [

"Eastern Freeway"


"attributes": 128,

"transportMode": "AUTO",

"formattedTime": "00:07:49",

"directionName": "Northeast",

"mapUrl": "|luur2hua2q,as=o5-9wax0z&type=map&size=225,160&pois=purple-5,18.957824,72.842689,0,0|purple-6,19.042652,72.90866,0,0|&center=19.000238,72.8756745&zoom=7&rand=119631863&session=5413f1a3-0007-0002-02b7-4cdb-00163e5c1556",

"startPoint": {

"lng": 72.842689,

"lat": 18.957824


"turnType": 1


would result in straight line for a distance of 8.2 miles whereas the actual road has lots of bends.

How do we get around this problem?

Is there any free service which would give long list of lat longs which are say 100 metres apart?