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Former Member
Sep 12, 2014 at 06:17 PM

Sales Area Data In BP transaction


Hi Friends,

1) Could you pl. explain me, the sales area data, in BP transaction, comes from where :-

1-a) If the backend system is ECC then does it comes automatically in this section after initial download of BUPA_MAIN adapter object.

1-b) And if I create customer with role Sold-to-party in CRM only, then how to get this sales area data.

1-c) The Organisation Structure which I have maintained in PPOMA_CRM for my sales org./distribution channel/division, will

it come in this BP transaction.

2) Also, if I am creating my Product only in CRM system not replicated from ECC system, then where do I maintain Sales and distribution

data, as there is no tab for the product created in CRM.

Kindly clarify. I tried google these issues but not got any satisfactory solution.