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Sep 12, 2014 at 06:55 PM

Empty tables in Audit Universe unx File (No data)


Hi BOBJ Gurus,

I am trying to configure Audit database / universe in 4.1 SP2 and have imported .unx universe into IDT so I can run my audit activity report within organization.

I have configured Auditing in the CMC (Plz see Fig1 attached), I have almost selected everything as far as capturing the events are concerned.

I didn't change anything in the universe and published it in the repository and created a webi report accordingly. When I try to run the webi report based on objects like Application Type, Event Type, Event Status, user Name, Object Type etc, I dont see any deleted event type in the report. I am not sure whcih object do i need to capture the delete log.

I even created a sample report and deleted from the system but no log in the report.

I checked the tables in the universe and there are some tables in unx file such as ADS_EVENT_DELETES, ADS_EVENT_DETAIL_DELETES and these tables are not joined with any other table and I also checked but there is no data in these tables. I even joined these tables and set an outer join so atleast i can see if there is any data but these tables are blank.

I am just wondering if these tables are supposed to be empty and Is there any other object that I need to use to capture and delete activity on the BOBJ side.

My question is that How do I go about and see Delete logs/activity in my webi report.

Will appreciate your help.



Fig1.JPG (41.2 kB)