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Sep 12, 2014 at 01:03 PM

Duplicated PR Services in CJ20N



In Report S_ALR_8701358 for one WBS; Goto report "Line Items" we have two identical PR:
1) 15211035 Battery Servicio reparacion walls 588.225,00 USD 15,211,035 10 PREQ GLUDYACA 09/11/2014
2) 15211035 Battery Servicio reparacion walls 588.225,00 USD 15,211,035 10 PREQ GLUDYACA 09/11/2014

PR was created by CJ20N and SERVICES. When created for PR MATERIAL duplication does not occur.
So we have error "budget exceeded" when creating new or changed PR value of PR created for greater value, despite
having sufficient budget.

We have about 300 users CJ20N and were instructed to use ME51N to purchase SERVICES. But this process is not designed
for my client. Should always use the CJ20N.

Can you please let me know why was duplicated PR Services in the CJ20N?

Thanks !!!



In CJ20N transaction I can not create or change PR even with both existing budget "OVERRALL" as

in "ANNUAL". Occurs exceeded budget message. We have "n" incidents in PRD with the same problem for "n" different logins.

Transaction SU53 does not accuse Authorization failure in user profiles.

Note SAP 599298

The system generates error message BP604 for the following reason: According to the settings in the budget profile of the measure, the budget distribution should activate the availability control.

This note is not applicable in our environment

TCODE >> CJ31 > WBS element >> C/7215.14/

Current budget = 1.250.000 (less) Assigned = 33.860,72, I have 1.216.139,28 as available.

TCODE >> CJ20N > WBS > Network > Oeration > External Service > Change Gross Price:

Clic and SAVE:

Getting error in QAS E04, the same as occurs in PRD E05.

Logging debug in QAS, the program is finding a value of 999.999 (***) which considers whit commitment; sum to actual commitments 33.860,72 and the new value of PR 588.225 decreasing budget 1.250.000.

In conclusion improper error occurs. 1.213.858,72.

(***) This value changes every attempt to change the value of PR, as if he had committed a fixed residual.

Transactions RKANBU01 + CJEN + CJBN executed with unsatisfactory result. Budget exceeded error continues to occur, although with enough budget.