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Former Member
Sep 12, 2014 at 05:48 AM

FS items


Hi All,

We have a requirement for a customised report, where the client wants the GL accounts to split as per the FS items assigned to it.

EX: 1/Aug/2008 - 31/Aug/2010 - FS item A - GL acct 530*****

01/Sep/2010 - 31/Sep/9999 - FS item B - GL acct 530*****

When we give a search for the comparative period as 1/Aug/2008 - 31/Aug/2010 and

Reporting period as 01/Sep/2010 - 31/Sep/9999

The report should give us two lines with two FS items and respective balances.And in case of no balance it still has to display a line with FS items and Zero balance.

We have tried many test scenario after change of logic in the program to include start date. but it only throws up one line and takes the latest date, in this case 01/Sep/2010 - 31/Sep/9999 - FS item B .

Is there a possibility to have such a report at all, how do we understand the structure of "BAGY" - how the FS items and GL accts are linked ?

Appreciate any help on this.