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Sep 11, 2014 at 04:11 PM

Step Increases



We have a PEP projection issue where we observe inconsistent pay level increases projected by the PEP engine.

Employee Step Date Pay Scale Level Next Pay Scale Level

A 14/09/2015 17 23

B 27/01/2015 17 23

C 03/07/2015 5 17

We are running a projection with start date 01.01.2015 to end date 12.31.2015.

Projection increases the pay scale level of employee A right from the beginning of 2015 instead of after the step date. So, for all periods of 2015, this employee is projected at level 23. However, employee B & C starts the projection at their current levels and move up to the next one after the step date, which is what we expect to happen.

We cannot figure out what makes PEP engine behave differently for Employee A compared to B & C. These three employees belong to the same pay scale group and job code. Pretty much all other employee attributes are identical.

In our projection type configuration in SPRO, we have 001.2012 as Start Date and 012.2020 as End Date.

I would appreciate if you guys could share your thoughts and feedbacks.


Emre Sarlak