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Sep 11, 2014 at 03:38 PM

Empty record in table TFIPR_ATTR_CHECK causing exception in function FIPR_PROD_ATTR_CHECK


Hi all,

I'm configuring a Loan product in Banking Service 8 SP 10, but I'm having an exception during the product creation (TCODE: FSPRD1_Y). The excetion is the 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_FUNC'.

The exception is being gererated by the program FIPR_PROD_ATTR_CHECK, when iterating over the table TFIPR_ATTR_CHECK. This tables stores a list of functions that (probably) are used to check if all the product attributes are configured ok....

Although, there is an empty line in the beginning of the table, wich is provoking the exception. From the FIPR_PROD_ATTR_CHECK program I have verified this code snippet:

The function iterates over the table TFIPR_ATTR_CHECK and stores its values in the variable l_wrk_function:

LOOP AT g_tab_function
INTO l_wrk_function.

After storing, it tries to execute the function that were retrieved from this table. It checks if the function has the SEQNO = 0000, and if has, it tries to call the function which the name is stored in FUNCNAME.

* Init AM message handler. Like AM_API_MSG_OPEN_STANDARD_DYN
IF l_wrk_function-seqno IS INITIAL.
CALL FUNCTION l_wrk_function-funcname.
* Continue calling next function

Debugging, it is possible to verify that the record is empty:

Here is the table content, with the empty record:

Does anybody faced the same issue? Could someone share if their TFSPR_ATTR_CHECK also has an empty record?




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