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Sep 11, 2014 at 03:17 PM

Creating a new Web Intelligence document using OpenDocument (requires an existing document?)


We use the OpenDocument interface to embed the Web Intelligence viewer in our web application. One of the problems we're having is that the code appears to require a valid document ID, even if all you want to do is create a new document (passing the noDocument=true flag, so that the application opens with no document at all).

I've tried various permutations of the following, with no success, always getting this error message (An error occurred: Could not find the document)








It appears the only way to get OpenDocument to allow you to do this is to use an existing WebI document ID. That is to say you can't create a new document unless you already have an existing document to include in the call to the JSP.

This limitation appears to be artificial and only on the OpenDocument interface -- You can create new documents in Launchpad without having an already existing document to point to. Documenting the workaround for this, having people installing the product first make a webi and save it, then configuring it so it has read-only permissions (so it doesn't accidentally get deleted), then configuring our application to lookup the ID isn't the most elegant of experiences.

I was wondering if anyone had run into this before and/or if anyone at SAP could look into it? I'm hoping it's an easy limitation/bug to fix.

This limitation affects 4.1 SP4 and probably older versions of the OpenDocument interface. See also:

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