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Sep 11, 2014 at 12:56 PM

Problem in calling Webservice from Webdynpro ABAP


I want to call a BAPI FM which is available in SAP ECC server when user is clicking on a button in a web dynpro application which is available in SAP Portal server.

For example,

Portal server name is DVP-EPP &
ECC server name is DVP-ECC

I have the done the following steps to achieve it,

In Server DVP ECC:

1) Created Web service from the standard BAPI FM (SE37-->Utilities-->More Utilities-->Create WebService --> From the the Func.Module)

2) Downloaded the WebService as WSDL file from SOAMANAGER

3) Tested the Web service through SE80, it is correctly calling the BAPI & creating necessary data.

In Server DVP EPP:

4) Created a Proxy class as follows,

a) SE80 --> Package --> Create --> Enterprise service
b) Selected Object type "Service Consumer"
c) Selected Service Consumer "Local File"
d) Browsed and selected WSDL file downloaded from DVP ECC
e) Selected the Package, Prefix, Request, Completed the process & Activated it.

5) Configured the Logical port as follows,

a) Selected my Proxy class through F4
b) Wrote a name for Logical port, Selected 'Default port' checkbox and selected 'Create'
c) In the next screen, in 'Call parameters' tab, selected the 'URL' radio button & mentioned the URL of the WSDL-Document created in DVP-ECC system
d) Saved the data & activated it

5) Now, tested the service through (SE80-->Package-->Enterprise Services-->Client Proxy) option.

6) When I test it, system prompts a dialog box for User-Name & Password (as available in DVP-ECC system).

After the details are given, system throws the Information message as "SOAP:14 Unexpected element -el=definitions ns=" - Exception of class CX_AI_SYSTEM_FAULT

No record is created in DVP-ECC through the WebService BAPI.

Please tell me whether the steps that I followed are correct as per my requirement and a solution for the above interruption.

Thanks in advance 😊