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Sep 11, 2014 at 10:29 AM

DBACockpit Scheduling Failed


I've got a bit of a strange case here.

I have 4 SAP Servers, all of which are doing backups via the Planning Calendar. Yesterday I rescheduled the backups on two of the servers, and changed the way I backed up from doing a "dump" statement, to calling a Stored Proc.

The job itself says

exec sp_backup 'Transaction', 'saptools', 'Drax'


exec sp_backup 'Transaction', 'ERQ', 'Drax'

The two new jobs worked fine all the way up to midnight, but the midnight (and subsequent) jobs failed with

Action: SQL Script

Planned Start on: 11.09.2014 at: 00:00:00

Status: Scheduling failed

Nothing is being reported on the sybase log, nor the backup server log, which leads be to believe that the scheduler is to blame and that nothing in the SP is wrong (its been running fine, and if I reschedule a failed job it runs).

I have the following questions...

1. what caused the schedule to fail?

2. Does the cockpit write error logs?

Any answers are most appreciated.