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Sep 11, 2014 at 03:31 AM

Work Manager 6.1 New field - Read only



I'm attempting to add a new field for CATS time posting in Work Manager 6.1, when I add the field and run the WPF client the field is always rendered as read-only - I'm expecting it to be an input field.

I've done the following

Added a new property to CATSRecord Object

Added the same property to the transaction CATSRecordAdd - linking to the CATSRecord object property

Added a new field on the CATSRecordAdd_Detail_Windows linked to the CATSRecordAdd transaction - I set the edit type as Decimal Number, there are no rules associated with it.

When I publish and run the application I can see the field on the screen, but the field is read only?

I checked and did the same process in Work Manager 5.3 (Agentry 6) in it's SDK and as expected the field rendered as input as expected.

I'm wondering why this does not render as an input field in Work Manager 6.1 - I further checked by simply selecting another existing field on the CATSRecord object (I selected the Counter property) and that rendered as input.

I'm running..

Work manager 6.1

Eclipse 4.2.2 Plugin

SMP3.0 SP03

I know SMP3.0 SP04 and SDK SP05 are due tomorrow so wondering if those patches will have any effect?