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Sep 10, 2014 at 11:34 PM

SQL Anywhere 16 custom post_login_procedure message text/action is blocked


My company is in the process of taking stronger security steps with a SQL Anywhere 16 database on Windows 7 and 2008 using SQL Anywhere v16.0.0.2003. Part of the lockdown revolves around displaying information at login during interactive sessions. The idea is to display a message as a popup when the user successfully logs in using DBISQL.

We found information about the post_login_procedure in the documentation and that seemed a promising choice for doing the job. So we took the example SQL from the documentation, changed the conditions, and found that our message was indeed displayed during login using dbisql. Unfortunately, there's a problem with how this mechanism works and I am hoping someone can help us figure out what we're overlooking (or maybe it's a bug).

If I launch dbisql by double-clicking it and set my connection parameters manually, then everything is okay. If I launch dbisql giving it a connection string either from the command line or a shortcut, then things don't work so well. The message text is covered by the "Connecting to database..." dialog. Having the text covered would be simply annoying if the story ended here. The dialog has the input focus and cannot be bypassed. We can move the dialog and see the message text, but the dialog displaying our message text with the OK button can't be accessed. You can't click OK. You can't click the close button on the dialog frame. The only option is to kill the process which defeats the purpose since you're trying to get logged in.

I'm certainly open to any ideas on how this problem might be mitigated (or another mechanism that can be used instead).

Thanks in advance.