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Sep 11, 2014 at 01:03 AM

Multi column display of detail section


Hi, all,

could you, please, help me understand how multi-column display of data in detail section is working?

I have created a detaill section with multi-column layout in one rpt file which I later import by using RAS SDK in another report, and

that section of a subreport seems to always strecth as much as possible, it even starts on a new page, in order not to display in more than one column.

Only when I add a lot of mocked data, I see a section starting at new page, but being rendered in more than one column.

Is there a way to force multi-column display? For example, set the detail section of main report that will get the multicolumn subreport imported to have a maximum height? Is that possible, and would it do a trick?

Any help highly appreciated!