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Sep 10, 2014 at 06:22 PM

Querying CMS tables for users' security, history & favorites



We are running BOBJ over a BW environment, and we've been asked to help design a Webdynpro interface that reads a user's security credentials in both BW and BOBJ servers and pulls in all reports, Bex or BOBJ, that they have access to.

To do this, we would need to query the CMS tables for:

  • All reports a user is authorized to view
  • Groups a user is associated with
  • User's History
  • User's Favorites

Does anyone have suggestions? I've researched Query Builder, but I'm not sure if it can help us, as it accesses three virtual tables instead of the physical tables in the CMS. The option I am guessing we will need to use is SDK.

I'm fairly new to both BW and BOBJ, so any advice is appreciated.