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Sep 10, 2014 at 07:16 PM

Organizing Models in PD



We are currently brainstorming what is the best way to organize models in PD. We are working on a large DW initiative that has several subject areas. So our current thought process is:

1. Create PD Models by Subject Area

2. if one Subject area needs entities created in other subject area, then simply drag the entity into the current model and create a symbol; These symbols don't allow modifications to the underlying entity unless the changes are made in the originating model.

do you think we are on the right track? or if there is any other best practice in use?

One thing we are struggling to understand how to maintain domains uniformly across all the models?

Also, another interesting discussion we had was, where is the right place to keep the comments for the entity attributes? one way is to create specific domains for each entity attribute (unless the behavior is similar across all entities), for example, if there is a PERSON entity and has a attribute "Functional Title" then create a domain called "Text Person Functional Title" and add all commentary to the domain. so this way if the attribute is used as a denormalized column or a foriegn key, all the commentary stays in tact. Do you think this is a overkill?