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Refresh universe structure in SAP Design studio 1.6

Jan 24, 2017 at 03:38 PM


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I am creating a report using SAP Design Studio 1.6

The data source I am using is universe.

I have observed that, any changes made to the universe does not reflect in the application once it is mapped.

I have to remap all the components to the same universe again to reflect the changes.

Eg: I have mapped my application to the universe. Later, I come back to the universe and create a new dimension and publish it. Now, when I go back to the Design Studio application, the new dimension does not show up.

Can someone please let me know if there is a way to reflect the changes made to the universe without a remap?


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Would you please be more specific? I would expect if you are adding a field to a universe that you have to go to Edit > Initial View in Design Studio to add it to your application

Would be good to know too which version of BI4x you are on - e.g. BI4.2 SP3?


Yes, I am using BI4.2 SP3.

I am creating a new dimension object to the universe after assigning the universe to the Design studio application.

Later, when I go to Edit > Initial View, the object itself doesn't show up in the free characteristics panel to add the object in the rows/columns.


Which SP of Design Studio are using?


Its SAP BO Design Studio 1.6 SP2.


Any chance you could try it with SP4? There were lots of issues with Design Studio/Universes between SPs 2-3


I can check with the admin team if its possible.

So,with 1.6 SP2, I think I need to remap all the components to the same universe as and when I do any changes in the universe.

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