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Sep 10, 2014 at 12:45 PM

Issue In Posting Proof Of Delivery Using Idoc using Message Type STPPOD


Hi ,
(The details I have attached in the below file.)

We are trying to perform proof of delivery with respect to a outbound delivery via IDOC using idoc inbound function module IDOC_INPUT_STPPOD.

Everything is working fine except when it is creating a new stock movement document on confirmation of proof of delivery, the newly created stock movement document is not reflecting the actual received quantity instead it is showing the the Actual Delivery quantity.
For clicking on the button - "Proof of Delivery Confirmation " (green wright symbol) and change the overall POD status as completed ( depending on this status C the stock movement document gets created) we did a custom coding in the customer exit of IDOC_INPUT_STPPOD.
The details I have attached in the below file.
I am not able to understand where I am making mistake due to which, the quantity on the stock movement document after proof of delivery confirmation is not reflecting the actual received quantity.

Can you please suggest what necessary coding changes I need to perform to make it work properly.


Saifur Rahaman


ISSUE_IN_STPPOD.xml (512.8 kB)