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Sep 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Suggestions for openSAP interface


I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have a few minor niggles with the new openSAP interface which I think are worth sharing. Let me add that the new interface is excellent, these really are just niggles.

The first thing is I miss the countdown to the next deadline. On the old interface there was a countdown on the list showing when the next assignment was due for the courses, which was very useful. There is something similar on the 'My openSAP' dashboard on the right which shows when the next courses are due to start, so I think it would be very helpful if the 'My courses' list showed the next important dates for each course.

Still on the 'My courses' list I am not sure about the order in which it shows them. Currently my list shows them in the following order: Running, Running, Running, Self paced, Completed, Completed, Self paced. To me the Completed ones should be bottom of the list out of the way. Also the first one on the list is 'SAP's UX Strategy in a Nutshell by Sam Yen'. The problem with that being top of the list is I took the final assignment a few weeks ago and am just waiting for the course to end, which is not for several weeks. So it would be nice if the interface could recognise that I have already finished it and move it to the bottom of the list. Generally I would like to have the list in order of when the course next needs my attention, so top of the list will always be the next thing I need to do.

On the list of 'My documents' I don't think it's necessary to show all of the documents you don't have. For example it shows me the self study courses I am enrolled for and tells me the records of achievement and confirmations of participation are not available. Since I didn't take the course when it was live these will never be available, so why are they even on the list? I am also a little confused by the fact that the description says: 'The list shows all courses that you are enrolled for.' Does this mean that if I un-enroll from a course I have completed then the document will vanish from this list? That doesn't sound right, but it seems to be what is implied. If I want to tidy up the 'My courses' view by un-enrolling from completed courses then it shouldn't affect this list, or should I stay enrolled to them for some reason?

Also on the 'My Documents' list could we add some more detail, such as the date of the course and the grade awarded? It would make it more of an overview which will be handy when you have lost of documents in there.

Sorry I have waffled a bit, I hope that all makes sense.

Many thanks for openSAP it is an excellent tool which I am enjoying using.