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Sep 10, 2014 at 09:46 AM

SRM and SUS functionalities


Hi gurus,

a standard functionality on recent SAP SRM allows suppliers to provide Good Receipts to the customers, so that the later can revise/approve the document. This is likely to be a facility in order to save time and accelerate the process.

I was wondering if the same functionality can be obtained by means of SUS, considering both scenarios EBP-SUS and MM-SUS.

As far as I've seen from the integration flows reported here:

Interfaces used in the MM-SUS scenario - Supplier Relationship Management - SCN Wiki

it seems to be that GR is always performed backend-side (MM) and then notified to the SUS, on MM-SUS scenario.

In other terms; imagine we would like to give to suppliers the opportunity to create a draft of a goods receipt, that will be later on revised by internal users and validated. We have no other way to do this except that via SRM ?
(we are investigating whether we can move some functionalities on SUS, therefore avoiding direct access to SRM by suppliers/external actors).

Thanks a lot