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HCM Process and Form - Query regarding Generic Service


I am pretty new in HCM Processes and forms and trying to use generic Service for creating one PA process. I have few queries regarding regarding generic services -

1) Can we use HCM processes and Forms Generic Service to update any custom table ?

2) As per my understanding, Generic services can be used to initialize and validate information on custom fields. However, can we use any operation to update data in the back end ? Can we map DO_OPERATION method for any operation for update data in the process. As per my understanding, DO_OPERATION is mapped in CHECK button in the framework.

Kindly advice.

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3 Answers

  • Sep 10, 2014 at 10:59 AM

    There are 2 kinds of generic services:

    1. Basic - which is used to provide value helps, initialize field value and do custom validations.

    2. Advanced - in which in additional to the Basic generation service you can save the data to either a infotype or any custom table(using the flush method of implementation class).

    When using HCM P&F - most of the processes in HCM space will come a associated workflow and only on the completion of last step in the process definition should the data be persisted and save to database is configured.

    P&F framework is built in such a way that flush would be called only after the last step is completed.

    Hope this clarifies when you could go for a advanced generic service.

    Further it is not necessary that do_operations in the generic service get called only on clicking CHECK button. You could have defined a custom user event ( in transaction hrasr_dt ) of type check and bound this even either in the FPM form or the Adobe form. Now even in this case do_operations will get triggerd.

    For e.g you wish to populate value help for field state - based on the value selected in country field drop down. In such a case a user event on selection of country can trigger do_operations.



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    • As Sahir said....

      ANY time you want to do an actual database update (create/update/delete), you should use an ADVANCED generic service.

      the good ol' "basic" generic services are more intended for reading data, setting UI features/values, manipulating data based on business logic, etc......more for "preparing data" that will later actually be updated (via your own Advanced generic service or a standard SAP one like SAP_PA).

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    Sep 21, 2014 at 01:51 PM


    It seems the AGS service call (Flush method) is happening after system calls all the Basic service calls (DO_OPERATION) on SEND stage. I want to restrict AGS call at this point as there will be a workflow who will carry the data (Process Object) for approval and then it should go for data update.

    Therefore I would like to know -

    1) How to hold AGS service call on click of Send button when we have a workflow with it.

    2) Then in the workflow, we can have approval or request webdynpro step. I need to call AGS at those specific step of APPROVE or SEND button of final step.

    In some sample ASR workflow, I saw there is a bqckend task calling SAVE_FORM_DATA_TO_DB method of CL_HRASR00WF_COMPONENTS. Therefore, can we use this task to call AGS in the workflow ?

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    Sep 25, 2014 at 06:11 AM

    Hi Kalikinkar,

    Through standard backend services SAP_PA you change,create,delete only infotype not tables,if you want to update ztables you have to create seprate custom backend service with badi . you cannot bind the ztables fields directly in backend service.


    Jayaprakash T

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