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Sep 09, 2014 at 03:32 PM

Purchase of Product is not permitted in the backend


Dear Experts,

We are facing a concern where this scenario is working fine in our SRM 5 system and it is not working after our upgrade to SRM 7.

Scenario: When the plant material status is OB, the error will be thrown when you are trying to create a shopping cart for that Material.

SRM 5:

SRM 7:

Upon debugging, please find the below analysis from our side.

In SRM 7, some new lines of code has been added in the function module B31I_MATERIAL_READ which is checking the length of Product id.

The value of the product id is carried in the structure ls_mapping_out-target_product_id with 18 characters every time.

Hence it is failing in the IF condition at line number 112 and going to ELSE part .

This statement "lv_product_id = ls_mtcom-matnr" In ELSE part i.e ls_mtcom-matnr will not have the product id and it is falling to send the same to ECC system

Could you please advise if anyone has came across this scenario or if you have any suggestions.

Best Regards,