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Sep 09, 2014 at 02:09 PM

Is it possible to estimate the data growth demand for SPS ?


Dear expert,

I have just applied SPS12 on our Solution Manager system. In result, the database has grown,

a lot of alerts for low space in the sapdata filesystems were triggered, our solaris admins had to

increase them. As it is quite cumbersome for them to extend filesystems (they say, actions on the

storage are also required!), they have asked to plan how much space would be required quite a

long time in advance (like now for the next year!!).

I have tried to explain them how complicated it is to plan, and I am really wondering if such a

planning is possible at all... Probably each SPS lets the database grow by a different amount of

GB, also it depends on which kind of system is it applied - a BW system has just a couple of

components, an ERP system has quite a lot of components!

Maybe there is a note (I recall something like a central note) for an SPS. Could you please

advise if such notes contain the DB free space requirements ? I found

SAP Note 1945754 - Central note Guided Procedures SAP NW 7.31 SPS12

but it contains just the components for NetWeaver and absolutely no word about DB free space


So, I am kindly asking for some advice on that topic or to share some experience with me.

I can share on my side, that SUM requested me to increase PSAP7302 by 4 GB and I think that

several data files, which are set on AUTOEXTEND grew a little bit as well...

Thank you!