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Sep 09, 2014 at 09:59 AM

Without reference Inbound delivry: IDOC not generated for Delivery type "HID"


Hi Team,

We are creating Manual ASN and moving the same to SCM.

We are using FM "GN_DELIVERY_CREATE" for creating Inbound delivery same time it will transfer the data to SCM.

For ASN which are having PO reference are moving to SCM without any issue. But When we create ASN without any reference that time system not generating IDOC. From "MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE" we are not getting any error as well.

At the time of without PO reference system creating Inbound delivery with delivery type "HID - Inbound delivery HU Mvmnt".

Is there any setting do we have to maintain against delivery type?

IDOC type - DELVRY05

Message type - DELINF