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Sep 09, 2014 at 12:11 AM

Ambiguous Hierarchy for drill in IDT



I have created a two Hierarchies in Navigational path in IDT. Both hierarchies use the same dimensions

ℹī¸ Org Unit: Level1,Level2,Level3,Level4,Level5,Level6,Emp Full Name

(ii) Org Structure: Level1,Level2,Level3,Level4

The (2) Hierarchies are used in two different reports.

It is prompting me with the below dialog box in my 2nd report.

"You performed a drill action on a dimension that belongs to multiple hierarchies.

Select a dimension hierarchy.

Org Unit

Org Structure"

Is there a way to avoid prompting the dialog box, while drilling down?

If I am using only Org Unit hierarchy, then it is drilling down to level1 .. Emp Full Name even though I specify scope of analysis to level3 in webi.