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Sep 08, 2014 at 07:15 PM

Tile not getting Re-Sized in Mobile..???


Hi All,

I have a App which has some 10 functionality so i was thinking of creating a launchpad for each functionality.

So after several reads i created one starter page for my app which will shown the tile in the home page and each tile will have different functionality.

Everything is fine when i run the app in a desktop but when i emulate it in a mobile then my single "Standard Tile" cover entire screen and i need to scroll in order to see other tile..:-(

I somehow feel that it is not a good behavior and want atleast 4 -5 to be shown in the Home screen of the mobile..

Anybody knows how can i achieve that..??? Because Standard Tile does not gets resized automatically in mobile...

Any Help..??

Thanks and Regards,