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Sep 08, 2014 at 04:20 PM

FPL9 Payment List: FKKEPOS_pay_int - PTTYP payment category



The payment list of Account Display works 99.9% time. However, recently we notices that there are some reset clearing items appearing in one of the account's payment list. This is the only account that is brought to my attention so I assumed it would be very rare.

Through debugging the function module ISU_SAMPLE_1218, I noticed that the unwanted items (see item 1- 4) has the attribute that is payment category PTTYP = C and Origin HERKF = 09 (reset clearing) or R9 (invoice reversal).

I would like to revise the ISU_SAMPLE_1218 to exclude the items with this attribute. However, I would like to where the payment category is configured. I saw Payment category C and A from this debugging but I do not know what C or A standards for.

Additional information: 1) When the payment lot of $264.22, received on July 9 2014, was posted, $1.73 was posted to clarification, the remaining was posted to the contract account. $1.73 was then applied to the account account. 2) i checked the V_TFKTVO, none of the main/sub transactions have the XPAYT fields checked. But the payment list works fine 99.9% the time.

Thank you so much!



Payment list.PNG (14.7 kB)