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Sep 08, 2014 at 09:49 AM

NFE upgrade of XML 2.0 to XML 3.1



We are building new configuration scenarios for NFE related to XML3.1. There are already existing configuration scenrios for NFE XML2.0.

During the new configurations it was noticed few Integration Processes, Message Interfaces and other IR objects are not delivered in the new Standard PI content which comes under SWC SAPBO SLL-NFE 10.0 and Namespace

We have PI 7.0 and NFE 10.0.

Specifically the following objects are missing related to our scenarios:

1. 1.Message interfaces “CTB2B_procCancNFe_IB & CTB2B_procCancNFe_OB” and their corresponding objects for CTB2B cancel NFE scenario.

2. 2.Integration Process “EVENT_CANCR_EventCancellationRequestProcess” and their corresponding objects for Event Cancellation scenario.

Following queries:

1. 1.Are these objects not delivered as part of standard PI content like it’s there in namespace “”.

2. 2.Or we need to use some other standard content for configuring these cancellation scenarios.

3. 3.Or these cancellation scenarios are not part of upgrade and hence not in standard content.

Pl Please let me know in case some one has already configured Cancellation scenarios for NFE XML 3.1


Uj Ujjwal Kumar