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Sep 08, 2014 at 08:52 AM

Server Intelligence Agent Not Available error


Hi Everybody,

We have DS 4.2 SP2 on Secondary Linux (RH 6.3) pointing to earlier Build BOBJ 4.1 SP2's CMS. CMS Host has EIM and Management Console Installed through DS Installer First and then DS 4.2 SP2 was installed. SAP hae earlier varified that this DS Installation is successful.

Post Core DS Installation : When I added this new DS Host in existing CMS through "" ( Pointed to existing CMS - 6400 Port + SIA Port -6410 Port as I want to ' integrate ' this DS Installation to previously installed BOBJ / its CMS ; and DS Specific Repositorry on Separate Oracle DB Host) execution on Primary BOBJ CMS Host :

eventhough "add node" task was successful as per the msg of '' script -- I see the error message

" Server Intelligent Agent Not Available for this Node "

There's couple of SAP Notes pointing to this error but, its' during upgrade or patch application.

Beside this : when I execute 'stopservers' or 'startservers' on DS host -- we get the following error message :

" Unable to load configuration properties file : /usr/sap/XYZ/BOBI/sap_bobj//ccm.config " -- this ccm.config is not there on new DS Host !!

When I execute 'stopservers' script on CMS Host, I see the following error message

" /usr/sap/XYZ/BOBI/sap_bobj/<secondary DS Host Name>.pid does not exist. Server may not be currently running ( STU00182 ) "

-- eventhough DS Host is running !!

There's a reference to '' script but, not much detail how to integrate the DS Application to existing CMS for Distributed Architecture.

there's some missing configuration tasks to fully integrate newly Build DS Application to integrate into existing BOBJ CMS and existing BOBJ startservers and stopservers -- Pl. share your knowledge, expertise on these 2 issues.



- Ishan