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Sep 08, 2014 at 04:42 AM

EDI / IDoc. setup


Hi Experts,

My question is related to the following EDI issues -

To create IDoc., we should go through the SE11 (data element), WE31 (segment) & WE30 (extension). However, seems these steps are to create customised table(s) and field(s) and I don't know how to link our required transaction fields to these customised table(s) and field(s) and then export to the specified EDI folder (setup in WE20 & WE21).

For example, if I would like to export data under "Invoice Item - Billed Qty (VBRP-FKIMG)" and "Item Texts" and/or some fields (columns) in our customised report, how to link these transaction fields to the above setup and then export to the destination folder setup in WE20 & WE21 ? Should we have to create a new Invoice Output Type so that these data can be delivered through the Medium "6 - EDI" ?


KH Fong