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Sep 06, 2014 at 03:09 PM

Fixed Cost during actual activity Splitting where all activities Considered As variable


Hi Experts,

My Client is suffering from an issue since long back due to Fixed Cost they get while actual activity splitting(KSS2).

I have found certain areas when i analyze them and would like to mention the business procedure as well.

Business do have basically four activity types. at least one activity is activated at Operation Cost centers.

Normally postings to these cost centers are done Via FI/HCM/MM& PM orders as well.

All activity planning is activity dependent and only Variable Cost planning is done. We do not use Fixed Cost planning.

So actual cost splitting is for variable cost only.

Regarding OKES and OKEW

OKES Structure has been configured with CE related to Each Activity. So there are 4 activity CE groups and one No Split CE group.

In OKEW, We have added a relevant Production CCs in a seperate splitting CC group. These are the basic configuration and activity splitting is based on Qty confirmed at production CC.

Now let's come to the issue. when users run KSS2 user get actual Fixed cost but as per our scenario there cannot be Fixed cost. if we continue to run with Fixed cost, during ML we get errors so we can't proceed.

SO we look into each line item that cause Fixed cost.

Reason for Fixed cost generally bellow.

  • No planning Values but there are Actual Values - We can correct this issue by planning in KP06

(Below are the areas that need experts thoughts and helps. We are desperately trying to resolve these issues ASAP)

  • Actual values in No Split Cost Elements posted in Splitting Cost Centers- When there are actual values in No split Cost element. Ideally this CE should not be taken into splitting. as this is no split CE. We usually do not plan for the No split cost element, - This can't be handle in a proper way.. So desperately looking forward for Experts Idea
  • Posting from Settlement of PM orders. These CE are included in splitting CE groups and Planned therefore, Still we get Fixed Cost.

So looking forward to your valuable suggesions and help.

If you still need any further clarification about configurations and all pls. mention so i can provide you.

Thanks in Advance