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Sep 06, 2014 at 10:20 AM

Delivery Proposal/Delivery Creation not getting created from SAP TM 9.0


Dear Experts,

I am new to SAP TM and we are facing issue with delivery creation/delivery proposal from SAP TM.

We are on SAP TM 9.0 Release 110 SP0007. We are able to create OBTR fro STO and Sales Order cases from SAP ECC to SAP TM.

But when we are trying to create Delivery from SAP TM to SAP ECC using NWBC we are facing issues. From NWBC using FU, FO and OBTR we are trying to create ERP Delivery it says data is saved but when we check SXMB_MONI we are not able to see any data for our interface.

Also, we tried to create delivery using Background program - /SCMTMS/DLV_BATCH but it gives 2 entry in output with Green color status and Log Number. When we try to see this application log we cannot find any details about delivery.

We have configured all below Standard Message in PI.

Outbound Delivery:





Inbound Delivery:

1. InboundDeliveryCreateRequest_Out

2. InboundDeliveryCreateRequest_In

3. InboundDeliveryConfirmation_Out_V1

4. InboundDeliveryConfirmation_In_V1

We tried to find a solution in Market Place & SDN all suggessted solution are already applied could you please help us what is the Gap which we are missing to create a Delivery from SAP TM to SAP ECC.