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Sep 05, 2014 at 12:50 PM

how to work with loops if certain condition to be fulfill.



I have following conditions.


seq plant storage loc material

01 p1 s1 m1

02 p2 s2 m1

03 p3 s3 m1


material plant storage loc. date qty. mrp area

m1 p1 s1 00000000 0 or q1 mr1

m1 p1 s1 20140102 0 or q1 mr1

m1 p1 s2 00000000 0 or q1 mr1

m1 p1 s3 00000000 0 or q1 mr2

m1 p1 s3 20140102 0 or q1 mr2

now I have to pick the qty from itab 2 as follow.

I need to see first seq (01) in itab1 first and for that I have to pick the desired qty (suppose 6). first with the storage loc s1.

it should search in itab2 for s1 with date 000000.this belongs to mrp area mr1.if it finds the sufficient qty then process the remaing logic otherwise

it should search with other storage loc s2 in same mrp area MR1 where date is 000000.if not then go with s3 but as s3 has diff mrp now it should come back and search with s1 where date is not 0000000. then with s2 with same condition.after that it should go with other mrp area.

I am trying but not able to achieve it completely. please help me to code this.