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Sep 05, 2014 at 10:53 AM

Add Node


Hi Expert,

We have a requirement that need to build up BI4.1 SP3 in a seprate system. We cloned whole BI system from original prod (as A) to a new host, domain BI system B. We have cloned CMC from prod A to prod B with a different datasource. I need to config new system B, I tried to add a new SIA node on system B. When i add the new SIA node, with a same cluster key as prod A, but with CMS pointing to a different datasoure B, and also change cluster host name to the current host B. The new SIA node will appear on the BI prod A. When I logg on to the new prod B CMC, it doesnt have any services again the newly created SIA B. Could anyone sugguest why it is happening this way?

Thanks, Youqin