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Sep 04, 2014 at 05:03 PM

Definition of Field /1FB/COMPANY is inconsistent (UGMD008)


Hi Gurus,

I have added a Source Databasis S2. But when I opened UCWB again it gives me messages:

  • Definition of Field /1FB/COMPANY is inconsistent (UGMD008)
  • Definition of Field /1FB/COUNTRY is inconsistent(UGMD008)

  • Definition of Field /BIC/ZCS_MCHAN is inconsistent (UGMD008)

Further performance assistant says:


The definition of the field /1FB/COMPANY in system with destination differs
from the definition in destination DHACLNT003.

At least the property w/ Medium Text is different.


Change the definition of the field in the corresponding system. When doing
so, first check the property w/ Medium Text. Note, there may also be differences
in other properties.

Another possibility is that property w/ Medium Text is not directly
maintainable in the definition of the field, but instead is calculated from
multiple other properties. Therefore, make sure you also check the entire
definition of the field.

If attributes are assigned to field /1FB/COMPANY, the time-dependency setting
of individual attributes must be the same for all destinations.

The message type is green. Now my question: Is it something I need to be worried of. Should I do the procedure described... but I don't think they wont change their infoobject since it is used in many other cases. Can I ignore this? What impact does it have? Will it always pop up opening UCWB?

What experiences do you have what can you advise? Thanks you in advance points will be assigned.

Thanks and regards,