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Sep 04, 2014 at 03:49 PM

Crystal Reports versions and DSR files



I am working with an ancient VB6 application that has 25 or so reports attached to it. These files are .dsr files. I am having a problem opening them in the VB6 IDE and when I investigate (through talking to people here or researching on line - via CodeGuru,VBForums,StackOverflow etc.), I get conflicting reports of what I should be looking for and doing.

My question to anyone who can answer me quasi-intelligently is this: Has Crystal Reports, in ANY of its previous versions, ever produced a DSR file as a report. I know the versions since v8, I think, use the .RPT suffix. I have been searching and talking to people and some say no, some say yes. I figured someone here would definitively know. I have tried to convert one of the dsr files to a Crystal Report file using VS 2008 (assuming it was Data Report file), but received the error that the file was not a Data Report file.

If you need any more information I will be glad to fill in any blanks necessary....

For the current application, the following is true:

XP Platform


Crystal Reports 8.5 installed, but I have Crystal Reports 7 dlls (Library and ActiveX Designer Runtime) available but not the full application.

Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated....

Thank you,

Gene Bonfiglo

Software Engineer