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Sep 04, 2014 at 03:10 PM

ASN and ShpgNt


Hello Forum,

I have few queries for which am not 100 % sure .

  • <removed by moderator as this part was cross posted in another forum>
  • Once the PGR is been done then ShpgNt' record will disappear from MD04. What will the MD04 show for the ASN for which putway is been done but not PGR. Will it show ''ShpgNt' ?
  • The ASN from vendor creates inbound delivery which has 'TotalGdsMvtStat' status as 'Not yet started' and further been progressed with putaway and PGR when goods are received . Is that correct understanding ?
  • We can find the ASN for custom report as list of all inbound delivery with 'TotalGdsMvtStat' status as 'Not yet started' from join of table LIPS, LIKP and VBUK. Am I correct ?

Thanks in advance



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