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Sep 04, 2014 at 02:12 PM

Withholding Tax all Condtion table not appearing in Rebate Credit memo



I am finding issue in rebate credit memo.

Issue: In Acces sequence I have table 397 and extended 397 with additional fields.

In normel credit memo I am able to find all these table in sales order Pricing Analysis tab.

But in rebate credit memo, I am not able to find all table. Credit memo is showing 397 table but not showing ztable.

Please check below screen shot for details

1. 397 and 988 are identical and its appearing in rebate credit memo.

I created 988 just to verify if any thing wrong in ztable generation or any thing missing to map.

987 is extended table with addtional field sales doc. Type, Item category and its not appearing in Rebate credit memo.

2. Rebate credit memo showing 988 and 397 table

3. Normel credit memo showing all three table

Question : How to get all three table in Rebate Credit memo?

If 988 is appearing than why 987 is not populating.

Both are Ztable and created together.

I tried many combination but extended ztable not coming in rebate credit memo