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Sep 04, 2014 at 09:37 AM

Gain/Loss on intercompany asset sale to be posted to BS account for IFRS


We have requirement that the gain/loss on intercompany asset sale should be posted in the IFRS depreciation area to balance sheet account, and to P&L account for Local GAAP. But in AO90 it is not possible to assign balance sheet account for gain or loss on asset sale - has to be P&L account. I tried to create substituion in GGB1 for Asset Accounting Postings but I got error: 'You may not substitue any fields for this Event (Message GB175). - Although substitutions are permitted for the boolesche class 31 (application area AM, Event 0002), the application did not release any fields for substitutions'.

Does nayone has experience with this requirement? As it is IFRS requirement, I would think should be fairly common requirement...