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Sep 04, 2014 at 07:04 AM

Chart setting over read of change the chart type with script.



I have the problem, when I change the type of the chart with script I lose all chart setting (e.g Activate Data Lab) which I set before.

For exemplar:

  1. I have a design Studio Report with a Pie chart.
  2. I set in Design Studio in the chart setting the Check Box “Show Data Labels” to deactivate
  3. I create a button “change type to Column”
  4. In the on click from the button I add the script “CH_DS1.setChartType(ChartType.COLUMN_COMBINATION);”
  5. I execute the Report.
  6. If I push the button “change type to Column” the chart type changes and the setting are over read.

I think this is a Design Studio bug.

Best Regards