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Former Member
Sep 04, 2014 at 06:31 AM

Sybase ASE basics


Hello All,

I am new to sybase database ,I ma having some doubts in sybase database ,Please clarify below points

1) what is the phases involved while starting and stooping the database ( example in orcale Mount phase ,no mount phase etc)

2) I have read in some guides most of the datbase related parameters are dynamic there is no need to reboot the server .---these parameters storing location i mean what is the naming convention of file name ?

3) Sybase ase db configuration will store in DBSID.CFG file is that correct?

4) isql comand is case sensitive ?

5) to check missing stats execut isql -Usapsa -S<SID> -X -w999 here what is -w999 means and X also

Please sugegst and guide me