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SDS Report shipping struck with 'Bundled' status in CVD1


I am new to EH&S. I was searching all over the place for my problem and reading documents but it doesn't seems i understanding it or getting my answers.


Report shipping order was stuck with status 'Bundled' in CVD1 transaction code. Most of them 'SD_CALL' reason (reason - doesn't matter i think).

I don't how to process it so that it will be in completed status.

Process is automated with background jobs.

I activated WWI generation servers in CG5Z and restarted the background job. But still this is in 'Bundled' Status.

I am sure i missing something to understand, hope to get clarified by SCN. Please help


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3 Answers

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    Sep 04, 2014 at 04:28 PM


    This issue can have several different root causes, most of them related to incorrect customizing.

    Have you found any other error on CG5Z or Generation logs ? The background jobs are really triggered ?

    Have you schedulled the background jobs according to description of SAP note 1094307 ?

    Please check section "Batch jobs for report shipping".

    There are basically 2 necessary jobs:

    • Report shipping dispatcher

    • Report shipping event handler

    Also check :

    Are you able to generate reports alone? For example in CG02 ?

    If not, it could indicate an issue in WWI installation or Generation servers.

    You may also check if the Batch job users have the necessary authorizations.

    May also check:

    1333291 - Deleting incorrect generation jobs

    Hope this information help to guide you. There's much more information that may be checked in SPRO IMG's documentation.

    Kind regards,


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    • Hi,

      Nice to know that the issue was solved.

      Considering your description, i believe you have set everything correclty, otherwise it would never get completed.

      It now seems more a problem related to the generation itself... maybe de generation servers were not available/down. Please also make sure that only one background job is schedulled for each task and each server to avoid lock issues.

      In CG5Z you can monitor WWI documents that were generated, you can also check the Job log for the incorrect generation to know what caused the Incorrect status.

      Best regards,


  • Sep 04, 2014 at 06:21 PM


    a small list of additional topics to check:

    a.) was there an update in SAP (new support package)?

    b.) an update on WWI server side)?

    c.) all WWI servers are up and cunning?

    d.) no "issue" in RFC connection between SAP and WWI server?

    e.) is the effect only related to SD_CALL and MAN_CALL etc. goes through?

    f.) is the effect only relaate to one spec etc.(material salesorganisation combination)?

    g.) the user whhcih is used to schedule the jobs as raphale has mentioned does have the needed access rights (to switch from bundle to next status)

    h.) can you swicth by your own using CVD1?

    i.) etc.

    PLease check carefully the hints of Rephael.


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    • Hello

      first you are not alone...

      may be check:

      second: this one might be oof interest as well:

      Using CVD1 you get the list of distribution orders; these are "grouped" by the "bundle ID"; There is a Icon called "Restart" in CVD1: I believe if you use it in relation to the reports which are in "Bundle" status the whole process whould be restarted and hoefully go through; kuckily we do not have such problems and there is less need to check CVD1 and to "do something".

      May be: is of interest too (discussing to a certain extent the "status" net in CVD1).

      E.g. check:

      Content of these treads might help to get an undertsanding of issues/problems and the overall process as such


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    Sep 08, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    Hi Both,

    Thanks for your inputs.

    Same problem happened again, some of the reports in "Bundled" status later it sets to 'Complete' in a day or two days of delay. So after investigation and this discussion, Likely the issue is with WWI generation server.

    We have 3 generation servers (ex: WWI01, WWI02 & WWI03). But recent days WWI02 & WWI03 RFC connections has been stopped, its not working anymore. I think why WWI RFC fail is not our current discussion so i skip that.

    Only one WWI server is active now, so even if one is active why there is delay of report being processed ?

    - Is it may be because of the load (no. of reports) ? It queues up and delay it ?

    - Is it because of some reports assigned to WWI02 or WWI03 and cant process further, therefore it processed next day through WWI01 ?

    How does it ? Its very difficult for me to come to conclusion with my limited knowledge. Hope you guys will clear it. Please help.

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    • Hello,

      Considering that the RFC's were disabled. please check if teh relevant WWI generation servers and destinations are correctly set in IMG activity :

      -> Environment, Health and Safety

      -> Basic Data and Tools

      -> Report Definition

      -> Windows Wordprocessor Integration (WWI)

      -> Configuration of Generation PCs

      -> Manual Configuration of Generation Servers

      -> Specify Generation Servers

      -> Check WWI Destinations and Assign Generation Servers

      If a incorrect RFC is maintained, it may point to the incorrect destination and the job will fail.

      About the load of reports, i suggest you to check the WWI installation document, here you may find the best practices on the number of WWI server necessary to your environment

      WWI Cookbook

      Also take a time to read report shipping instructions...

      EH&S report shipping

      Hope this documentation help you to correctly set up your systems.

      Kind regards,