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Sep 03, 2014 at 03:06 PM

SAP SLC 2.0 Related technical enhancements


Dear Colleagues,

Our client is implementing SAP SLC 2.0 (SRMSMC 200) for which there are some customer-specific enhancements to be carried out on both Buy/Sell side. These enhancements require lots of UI extensibility such as adding attachments to supplier registration form etc. I've successfully carried out few UI enhancements using SLC Configuration Guide.

One of the requirements is to trigger the 'Send' action on the supplier registration page (Sell-Side) through a third-party application. Is there any standard RFC/ABAP Class/Method which is triggered during the 'Send' action and which can be used as an interface from any third party application?

Please share your experience/suggestions which will help me in implementing the above requirement. Any help on the same is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!