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Sep 03, 2014 at 01:08 PM

SAP Solution Manager and Service packs


This is not a problem or incident, but more like a question to SAP... so, at the moment in Download area of SAP I can download SolMan with 4th service pack and proceed with the installation of it, then i can download the latest patch or the patch which is needed in order to solve some incident and live happy 😊.

I just wondering why there is no package available which already have all latest patches? problem here is that updates all the time are painful processes etc. In my current project i have to upgrade the system even twice, because I had the issue which is solved now in 12the SP.

IN SAP Analytics world you can easily download the software with the latest package in it. yes, I know that basis consultants also wants to have theiir own salary to be paid, but from optimization perspective it does not look so good.

Regards, Miks