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Sep 03, 2014 at 10:16 AM




I have a form where i set the ui attributes dynamically. There are three fields maintained on the form.

In INITIALIZATION method, the fields are handled dynamically such that first only one field is displayed.

If the user wants to fill data for another field, a link to add field is provided( User Action) and the field gets added.

Only the fields added like say, if only one field is filled on the form then the form with only this field is sent to approver. If two fields are on form, then only these two are sent to Approver.

This all works fine. However when the approver sends back to author, this dynamic logic does not work and all the fields are displayed to author.

Suppose a user fills only one field and sends for approval. The approver will see the form with only this field but when sends back to author, the author gets all the three fields displayed on the form.

Can we do such that the same form which approver gets is also available to the author when he sends back to author.