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Sep 03, 2014 at 10:25 AM

Display Prefenceses for entity attributes problem


Hi all

I am new in this forum so i will have for sure some questions in the first place but after that i hope i would be in the position to help someone as well.

I am working now on some Logical Data Model

There is a need to be able to change some settings which attributes would be shown for some entity in one diagram. The criteria should be if the value of some propertie of that attribute hase some value. In this case the user should be able to choose if he wants to see all attributes or only those that have a value specified in criteria

I will try now with example

In LDM creating one entity with two attributes test_1 and test_2 in diagram 1

select from menu display preferences -> Entity -> Advanced -> Attributes -> create a new Filter name Test 1

Come the new window Define Available Collection Filters where you can give the Filter name Test 1

for the filter expresion i used the button on the filter expression column.

Window Customize Columns and Filter occures where i took for example Description Text and select equal and in Expression i wrote test without "".

In the description of the test_1 attribute i also wrote test

This was working

but if i create extended attribute Status for example and give it the list value Active and Inactive.

If i try the same it does not work when i select this new filter criteria in display preferences of the diagram all attributes are gone

Can somebody help please i dont know what i am doing wrong or if it is posible to define the fileter on extended attributes.

thanks a lot