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Sep 03, 2014 at 09:48 AM

Calling another transaction in a new NWBC tab and keeping OBN



I have two reports (web dynpro reports) that I've created.

Each report has buttons that are supoposed to open SAP transactions.

So I've added code to the buttons that make the OBN calls, the reports have been added to the PFCG, and then OBN details have been added to the report nodes within the PFCG to open the SAP transactions.

And this all works fine!

The problem is this - the business would like a button to open report 2, in a new NWBC tab, from report 1.

I can't seem to do this AND get the OBN buttons to work for report 2.

So Report 1 works perfectly, I'm using open 'external_window' from the web dynpro to open a URL that points to the web dynpro of report 2.

Report 2 appears fine but the buttons don't work and nothing happens when you click them.

Can anyone suggest how best to approach this problem i.e. open a new NWBC tab, for a report in your PFCG role.

Thanks in advance!