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Sep 03, 2014 at 08:16 AM

Suggestion required on how to copy repository objects from one system to another



Current Situation:

We have a global SAP instance which is used by all affiliates. Now we have a requirement to separately host one of our affiliates( Singapore). This means we would like to copy all development objects specific to Singapore and move them into a separate SAP hosted system provided by a third party.


In order to achieve the above we need to carry out following activities:

1. determine a way to find out all repository objects ( development objects ) specific to Singapore. I mean all Y & Z objects that are specifically used by Singapore users. I don't think we have a specific development package for Singapore. Therefore it makes it quite difficult to identify which development objects are specific to Singapore users.

2. Once the objects are identified, we need to then identify all the dependencies such as domains, data elements, tables, screens etc before we can copy the objects into another system.

Any suggestions on how best we can identify objects specific to one affiliate and also how to find out all its dependencies?