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Sep 03, 2014 at 03:21 AM

Remove stock from Inventory after UD reversal



I had performed GR from Purchase Order of 90kg. (Material Document with movement 101 with 90kg and Inspection Lot generated)

Later performed Adjust Quantity in Insp. Lot at QAC1 to 100kg. (Material Document with movement 101 with 10kg generated and quantity added to Insp Lot)

UD is performed with 100kg

I would like to cancel 100kg from inventory due to some reason(wrong quantity entry n etc.)

Thus, I performed UD reversal with OSS note program.

I performed cancellation of material document at MIGO.

The issue start here.

The material document cancelled but only consists of 90kg

I'm not able to cancel material document of 10kg.

Hit an error as following

Change the inspection stock of material in QM only

Fyi, previously use return delivery (movement 122). Now management does not allow due to it is not a return.

May I know how can I remove 10kg from inventory?

Thanks in advance.


William Lee